granite tiles in denver southFew flooring or countertop options match the natural beauty offered by stone. Stone tiles are known for their natural color variation and subtle detail, and granite is no exception. Here we’ll be defining what granite tile is, where it’s often installed, and how much you can expect it to cost. We encourage you to read on, and to consider adding this timeless material to your Denver home.


To start, what is granite, where does it come from, and why does it look the way it does? Granite is an igneous rock, meaning it forms as magma and lava cool and solidify. It’s famous for its crystalline structure, which results in the formation of crystals throughout the stone. Granite is available in white, gray, black, or pink color profiles, which presents homeowners with a wide range of design options.


Granite tiles are often used to finish floors, countertops, or backsplashes. They are known for their strength and density, and throughout history have been used as a construction and sculpture material. You’ve likely seen granite tiles in a commercial building, either used to adorn its walls or floors. Within the residential sphere stone countertops are also very popular, and you’re likely to have seen granite tiles in a kitchen or bathroom.


Although granite tiles may be more expensive than man-made materials, such as ceramic tiles, they are an affordable alternative to granite slabs. Instead of using granite tiles, homeowners will sometimes use a large granite piece, or slab, to span an entire countertop or backsplash. Purchasing granite in this style is pricey because the transportation and installation of the granite is more labor and time intensive. Homeowners also run the risk of expensive repair costs if their countertop or backsplash is ever damaged. This is where granite tiles come in. They are an equally beautiful option that can be repaired one-by-one.

Here at Floor Coverings International Denver South we’d love to help you find the perfect granite tiles for your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor space. We proudly serve the greater Denver, Englewood, Littleton areas and offer free consultations. Call us today!

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