If you’re looking to take your hardwood to the next level, contact your local experts at Floor Coverings International Denver South to talk about parquet styled floors for a warmer and more unique look in your Denver home.

Parquet in Denver South

What is parquet?

Parquet can only be described as a beautiful mosaic of hardwood. Traditionally, hardwood is installed in parallel planks that are all of equal height, length, and species. In the parquet technique, smaller planks of various hardwood types are laid in intricate patterns across the floor. What results is a piece of artwork unique to any home.

The practice originated in France at the palace of Versailles and has stuck around for centuries because of the stunning product. The story says that palaces, wanting to live as luxuriously as possible, used marble for their floors. But when marble became too expensive, they knew they had to find cheaper resources without sacrificing their lavish floors. French woodworkers then came up with a way to use normal hardwood to produce something completely unique to the palaces – parquet.

So if you find yourself facing the same dilemma here in Denver, wanting the luxury without the price tag, contact your local woodworkers at Floor Coverings International Denver South to start designing your own parquet floor.


Most traditional forms of hardwood can be used in the production of parquet floors, including exotic varieties such as Brazilian cherry and bamboo. The unique look of parquet comes from mixing hardwoods of different colors and grains to achieve the mosaic quality of the floor.

When choosing your hardwood, think of combining earthy reds, golden tans, and deep browns for a bright and colorful design. Because of how many different hues there are in hardwood, it won’t be hard to pick ones that pair well with the existing fixtures and aesthetic of your home. You can also select woods that would create an even sturdiness, which is beneficial in the long term care of your floors.

Furthermore, consider how large of a focal point you want your floors to be. Some patterns are louder than others, so imagine a few different options before you decide. The most popular parquet pattern in recent years has been herringbone. The simple shape and uniformity keeps the floor from taking over the room. But if you have a large, open space, consider something more intricate to command the focus of the room.

Herringbone Parquet in Denver South

Installation & Care

It may surprise you to learn that parquet floors are not incredibly complicated to install. The small planks are glued instead of nailed down onto a subfloor, making it a far easier procedure than the patterns suggest. Once installed, a general polishing and sealant should be applied to protect the masterpiece. This will not only keep scratches and stains from penetrating the wood surface but it will prolong the lifespan of the hardwood itself.

On a day-to-day basis, normal sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping should be anticipated, and be sure to clean up spills immediately to maintain the integrity of your wood. Think about reapplying the sealant, but speak with one of our Denver professionals to gauge how frequent it is necessary.

We predict to see more of this bold style as 2017 trends move toward unique flooring options. To look at wood samples and learn more about the parquet creation process, allow one of our experts from Floor Coverings International Denver South to come by for a free in-home consultation and estimate. We proudly serve the Denver, Englewood, Littleton area.

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