ash hardwood flooring in denverAsh hardwood is a distinctive flooring option available from Floor Coverings International Denver South. It is usually lightly stained and has a unique pattern that will stand out in any room.

Following is a comprehensive overview of this wood’s advantages and disadvantages so you can determine if ash hardwood flooring is the best option for your Denver home or business.

Advantages of Ash Hardwood Flooring

Ash is an extremely hard variety of wood, and flooring made from this material can hold up to a lot of wear and tear. Its strong plane makes it easy to refinish the flooring regularly, ensuring that it will look its best for many years to come. What is more, the wood’s dense nature enables it to absorb just about any type of staining finish. The wood has a natural grain that adds texture and class to your floor; at the same time, the grain is not overly pronounced. It blends in with the other furnishings rather than acting as the room’s centerpiece.

Engineered ash hardwood is a particularly good choice if you are concerned about flooring damage caused by moisture and humidity. Furthermore, engineered ash hardwood has a more consistent grain pattern than raw hardwood. While many homeowners appreciate the variety offered by typical ash hardwood flooring, others find that engineered flooring gives the home a uniform appearance that enhances a room’s décor.

Disadvantages of Ash Hardwood Flooring

The price of ash hardwood flooring depends on a variety of factors. Even so, it is typically more expensive than other types of hardwood. It is also important to realize that ash hardwood flooring tends to look best in rustic homes rather than modern ones. Ash has a historical, rustic look that may not appeal to homeowners who want to create a contemporary ambiance.

Ash floors tend to be lightly stained. While light colored flooring is certainly popular, be aware that it may not compliment a room with white or light colored walls or furnishings.

Is it right for you?

If you want a durable hardwood floor that can remain good looking long-term and hold up to years of use without extensive damage, then ash hardwood flooring is a great choice. You can install this type of flooring in just about any room of the home, including rooms with heavy foot traffic.

Before investing in any type of flooring, consider the costs and the style of décor you want your home or business to have. Careful thought and consideration can help you find the perfect flooring for your space, and our team at Floor Coverings International Denver South is here to help! Contact our team today for a free in-home design consultation.

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