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Wall-to-wall carpeting is a staple of Denver homes, but this was not always the case. Carpeting used to be a luxury reserved for the wealthiest Coloradans. This was because carpets could only be made from natural materials, like wool and cotton. After the Second World War, however, synthetic carpeting could be produced and was available for the majority of Americans.

At Floor Coverings International Denver South, we help homeowners in the greater Denver, Englewood, Littleton area find their dream carpeting. The majority of our customers choose a synthetic carpet—one made from nylon, olefin, or polyester. Some, however, opt for a wholesome, luxurious carpet made from wool. Read on for more information about this amazing carpeting material.

Natural and Authentic

denver carpet woolMost wool used in carpeting comes from sheep. There are hundreds of breeds of sheep used for wool production, from Merino for comfy socks and sweaters to a courser Romney wool used in carpets. Most carpet wool is produced in Australia and New Zealand, with the Western United States close behind.

Advantages of Wool

If not for the cost, every home would feature wool carpets. Here are some of the many advantages of wool:

  • Durable: wool is a strong, low-maintenance carpeting material. Simply vacuum weekly and have your floors steam cleaned annually by professionals to remove contaminants from deep within its fibers.
  • Easy to Dye: compared to synthetic carpets, wool is very receptive to dyes. This means that dying wool results in bright, vivid colors. This is a double-edged sword, however, because it means that wool is easier to accidentally stain.
  • Sustainable: sustainably harvested from sheep, it is hard to find a more eco-friendly material for carpeting.
  • Low Static: it might shock you to learn that wool is a very poor conductor of static electricity.

Learn More

For more information about this amazing carpeting material, contact your local Denver flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Denver South. Call to book an appointment and find the floors of your dreams today!

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