patterned carpet in denver, coWhen we think of patterned carpet a hotel lobby might come to mind, or perhaps the carpeted floor of a bowling alley. At times commercial patterned carpet has dealt with a bad rap, and oftentimes homeowners stay away from it because they assume they’ll get tired of it in a few years. Nevertheless, patterned carpet offers a number of benefits, including a quality of uniqueness and an ability to hide stains. Here at Floor Coverings International Denver South we think patterned carpet shouldn’t be feared, and we encourage you to consider adding it to your Denver home.

Patterned Carpet Advantages

Hides Stains and Spills—One reason patterned carpet is used so frequently to finish commercial spaces is because it hides stains, spills, dirt, and dust well. Imperfections tend to blend in with the design of a patterned carpet. This results in flooring that appears almost brand new with minimal maintenance.

Uniqueness—Some say that the individuality of patterned carpet is its downfall, and that over the course of a few years the design of a patterned carpet will go out of style. However, if chosen wisely patterned carpet can be used to create a space unique to its homeowner, without clashing with surrounding furniture and decorations.

Patterned Carpet Precautions

Timelessness—Some homeowners worry that patterned carpet may reduce the value of their home if they ever decide to sell, and therefore stay away from this flooring option. This speaks not so much to issues of timelessness, but to the difficulty homeowners face when trying to choose a patterned carpet. One solution is to pick a small pattern in a neutral color. You should also consider your surrounding interior design and choose a pattern that will compliment the room it’s in.

Here at Floor Coverings International Denver South we look forward to helping you find the right patterned carpet for your home. The durability of patterned carpet is a quality that solid-colored carpets can’t compete with, and our designers can help you pick a design that you’ll love for years to come. We proudly serve the greater Denver, Englewood, Littleton areas. Call us today!

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