Floor Coverings International is your local expert on nylon carpeting in South Denver and the surrounding area. Nylon carpet is a synthetic weave carpet, which means it isn’t made from natural plant fibers. Because we are a local business, we are available to our customers in the area for no-obligation, in-home carpet consultations.

Our flooring team is trained in all types of carpet flooring, including nylon carpet. Our design associates can walk you through our extensive product selection, as well as offering style guidance. Then, our team will perform a full installation for you with excellent workmanship.


Advantages & Disadvantages

The main benefits of nylon carpet are that it is sturdy, versatile, and soft. Nylon carpet is easily dyed so it is available in countless colors, patterns, and prints. Additionally, nylon carpet can withstand heavy foot traffic without unraveling or losing quality. Recently, nylon carpets are manufactured to feel much softer underfoot, and to be free of static.

On the other hand, nylon carpet can absorb stains much easier since it is so easy to dye. Also, certain household cleaning products can strip nylon carpet of its dye as they remove stains, leaving a permanently discolored spot. So, check your household cleaner’s ingredients before using it on nylon carpet.

Because we are partnered with top manufacturers, we have access to the best brands and highest quality nylon carpet products. Nylon is one of the most common carpets found in homes across America, so we are especially knowledgeable about the many brands and styles of nylon carpet.