Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner. There is something about the fresh air and warming temperatures that makes us want to throw open the windows and tackle some spring cleaning projects.

Our team at Floor Coverings International Denver South has gathered the top five cleaning projects that will deliver the biggest impact this spring.
Spring cleaning in Denver


It’s easy to vacuum the floor and call it done, but an annual deep cleaning and maintenance will go a long way to helping your floors look great and stand the test of time. Carpets should be shampooed once a year. Hire a professional or rent a carpet cleaner and go to town. In addition to cleaning set-in dirt, carpet cleaning can help remove allergens and other impurities. Spring is also a great time to polish your hardwood floors and reseal any tile flooring you have throughout the house.

Tile and Grout

Grout can last many years when properly maintained. While the tile and grout in your bathroom and kitchen should be wiped down regularly, consider giving the grout a deeper cleaning on an annual basis. Typically, water and a bristle brush is all you need to cleanup grout lines. For deeper stains, apply a homemade paste of water and baking soda and spray the paste with vinegar. When the foaming has stopped, scrub with a brush and rinse.


We’re lucky to have the sun shining through our Denver windows almost year-round. However, the middle of winter is not a popular time to clean those window exteriors. Take advantage of warmer weather to hire a professional window cleaner, or grab your ladder and a squeegee to finish the job yourself.


As we look forward to summer BBQs, spring is an obvious time to bring out the patio furniture and give everything a good scrubbing. The deck or patio deserves some attention, too. Renting a pressure washer is an effective, and sort of fun, way to really deep clean your outdoor surfaces. If you have a green thumb, planning the garden can also be an exciting part of the spring cleaning process.

Home Organization

Cleaning and organization go hand-in-hand. It’s hard to feel refreshed when there is clutter around the house, no matter how clean it may be. Take a Saturday afternoon to go through the closets and drawers where items may have accumulated throughout the winter. Sort belongings into separate keep/toss/donate piles and reclaim your space!

Photo by Kzenon